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Stuff I did for work or for fun

React Pair


TypeScript React.js util to assist with the paired hook pattern by providing a way to created a component that is paired to a hook automatically.

React Pair by Vangware's logo



Vangware's project scaffold tool. It generates a base project with the shared configs for TypeScript, linting, formatting, documentation and so on.

Create Package by Vangware's logo



Vangware's common TypeScript types shared across projects.

Types by Vangware's logo



Vangware shared project configurations for formatting, linting and so on.

Configs by Vangware's logo



Functional Cron Quartz and Cron UNIX expression parser.

Cron by Vangware's logo



Functional equality test library with enforced legibility.

Test by Vangware's logo



Functional CLI ANSI formatter.

ANSI by Vangware's logo

Tanzu Mision Control


Centralized hub for simplified, multi-cloud, multi-cluster Kubernetes management made in React. I created the React library used for UI and a bunch of other internal utils.

Logo of VMWare's TMC

Symphony Communications


Corporative messaging app. I worked on their migration of an old Backbone codebase to React.

Logo of Symphony Communications

Watch Faces


Designed quite a bunch of binary watch faces for smartwatches using the Facer platform.

Photo of some watch faces



Promise based;.

Window Open Promise by Vangware's logo

NPM's logo


I optimized NPM's logo manually because the version they had on their website was way heavier than it should. I'm happy to say the logo I optimized manually was seen by millons of developers around the world.

NPM Logo


Spark Digital

Web based media player mainly used for sports and eSports. I worked on the modernization of a Flash/Backbone video player to React.

BAMTECH Media logo

Dark+ Material


I like the default Dark+ theme that comes with Visual Studio Code, but I dislike the color scheme, so I wrote a script that takes the original colors and turns them into their closes color in the (now legacy) Google Material Palette.

Dark+ Material by Vangware's logo

RV Trip Wizard


WebApp for trip planning on RVs. I worked on the modernization of the old website to Bootstrap.

RV Trip Wizard's logo

Cucu Sports


App to manage sport influencers. Worked on a web based app.

Cucu Sports logo


Distant Job

High-performance Colo, Cloud and Network solutions tailored to the present and future of your IT strategy. I worked on components for internal tools made in React.

SingleHop logo

Syngenta - Elatus

Globant Argentina

A leading agriculture company helping to improve global food security by enabling millions of farmers to make better use of available resources. I Co-developed a web based tablet app for product promotions.

Syngenta logo

Sears - Shop Your Way

Globant Argentina

American chain of department stores. I worked on improving the overall UI of the Shop Your Way experience for Sears.

Sears logo

Bally Games

Globant Argentina

Web slot machine games. I worked on porting flash based games to DOM with Backbone.

Bally's logo

Aquarium Mar del Plata

1O24 - Marketing Digital

My hometown aquarium. I made some canvas based promotional games using MooTools.

Aquarium Mar del Plata's logo

Rossi Deportes Cart

1O24 - Marketing Digital

Sports clothing store. I made improvements to their shop by adding a front-end filter for products.

Rossi Deportes logo

Claro Poll App

1O24 - Marketing Digital

Mobile carrier company. I made some browser based tablet app for Claro promotions in my city.

Claro's logo



Vangware is the brand I created for my personal projects and products. I use this brand instead of my own name to make it easier to recognize (and because I always liked to have good branding).

Vangware's logo