Public talks I gave in conferences and streams I made over the years



Series of streams in spanish about WebDev in general. Streamed 36 Sundays for a total of almost 60 hours, sometimes with the company of members of the hablemos.dev community. Stopped in order to focus on a new video series called letstalk.dev.

Functional Programming

BarCamp MDQ 2020

Presenting the Functional paradigm in JavaScript and comparing it with other paradigms out there.

Untitled WebDev Stream


My first experience doing a stream series of streams teaching how to go from zero to hero for WebDev. Streamed 20 Sundays for a total of almost 30 hours.

Simple is Hard

BarCamp MDQ 2019

A talk about User Experience and User Interfaces, and how to improve both.

The web of the future

BarCamp MDQ 2018

Talk about Progressive Web Apps. Compared it with previous tech, showed the flow of a progressive web app and talked about the future of Web Development.

D&D: Developers & Designers

BarCamp MDQ 2017

Talk about how to improve the communication between developers and designers, and how that affect the final product.

Web Security tips for NERDS!

BarCamp MDQ 2016

Talk about common vulnerabilities and bad practices, and how to deal with them.

Edge Web Development

BarCamp MDQ 2015

I talked about Web Component development in Polymer and React, comparing the native approach and the library based approach.

The new JavaScript

BarCamp MDQ 2014

I talked about ECMAScript 6 and all the features coming to JavaScript, and I showcased some of those feature.s using TypeScript.

TypeScript Workshop

SUMA Conectivo

I gave a small introductory workshop about TypeScript for folks that didn't knew it at that time.

Luke explaining something while on a old laptop.

Quality Web Programming

BarCamp MDQ 2013

I talked about some common bad practices with websites at that point in time, and ways to improve them.